Ultimate Guide: To Building Your Yelp Page

Ultimate Guide: To Building Your Yelp Page – Yelp Small Business Marketing

If you are new to online marekting, or building SEO for your business, you have found the right blog to help you get started. Building content for your audience and introducing new ideas is what drives search engines to rank you high in your communities.

Since Google Panda Upgrade, local SEO trumps any other type of search engine optimization. People in your community are searching for information, small businesses, or services and are finding yelp as to being the first few results in their search attempts. This should drive small businesses towards yelp but without understanding what is behind it, you are just following the heard.

Small Business Yelp Marketing

Why Yelp is beneficial for small business marketing?

Yelp is a local directory in addition to review site, with a hint of social media mixed into it. That’s is right, it’s a bit of everything but the most popular reason why yelp gets thousands of daily inquires is due to its review based results. Yelp keeps small businesses honest, insures the best workmanship they can provide to clients in their communities. If you provide bad service, chances are your clients will go on yelp to share their stories. That’s what makes yelp amazing for small businesses. Small businesses that provide excellent service, are customer driven, and value good customer feedback will bend-over backwards to please their customers and in turn customers will provide good feedback for others to see.

Good Reviews Mean the World for SEO and Google Ranking

If you build quality content, and have a bad reputation, chances are your audience won’t take your content very seriously, or link back to your content for link building. Good reviews are also a great way to sell your services or products.

Stats show, 8/10 customers wait off on hiring a company until they yelp them to see what others are saying about them. Are you a customer driven company that provides good work? If so, we are here to help you stand out on yelp, get discovered, find clients, and sell more of your products.

How to stand out in yelp?

On yelp there are multiple ways of standing out and most of it revolves around content. Yelp allows you to post images, write about us section, specialized area for more details and more. The biggest factors that make your business stand out are your reviews, your location, and your specialties.  These are the indicators used to show your business for people searching for businesses like yours in your community.

Researching your competitors to see what they specialize is a great way of getting ideas on how to write your own. Make sure to include your location, and what makes you stand out. You earned your clients business before arriving to yelp, so share your insights, and why your clients love your business.

Adding images of your work can help your business stand out in the crowd. Potential clients search through yelp to see what type of food, services, or even products you are offering. It can help your business stand out.

Asking for Yelp Reviews: how to approach it?

yelp 5 star - Santa Clarita, CA

There is a fine art is approaching your clients and asking for reviews to benefit your small business on yelp. It is a skill set that most small businesses struggle with since it’s not as easy as asking. Approaching customers for restaurants are one of the easiest ways of getting quality reviews.  My favorite method that restaurants use to collect reviews is by displaying yelp logos on the windows. This reminds guests to go back to yelp to post there experience. If that is not enough hint, some small restaurants share some internally designed flyer of their yelp page and how to post a review when they present the check at the end of the meal. This way, the customer has plenty of time to go back review, pay the balance and rate their experience.

What if you do not have a restaurant and are struggling to get reviews? If you have a online businesses, you can ask for reviews by carefully sent out emails to previous customers. Home improvement services are another great category that struggle for reviews. Offering a coupon or discount after a client shares their previous experience is not a great way, but often used to get more reviews.

My understandings of reviews are the higher the quality of reviews better the results would be. That often reflects on your client’s potential to write something informative, and valuable to others.

What you should not consider is purchasing yelp reviews since more often than not, the algorithm of yelp reviews can filter out all the reviews you paid for. If you happen to get away with the purchased reviews, yelp will eventually find out. They then will remove your page, or not recommend it at all.

Web Designers for Yelp Page

For help getting started, building your website or building your yelp page, check us out!

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