The Power of Reviews: Small Business Web Design

Small Business Web Design with Reviews

Evolution of the digital world through web 2.0 has brought us reviews, individualism and user experience when one considers to even step foot in a small business, discuss a project with a specialist, or plan on purchasing a product online. Everyone is looking for confirmation of their decision, whether it is to hire a general contractor based off of yelp reviews, or to purchase a product they really liked on amazon, we all care about the reviews.

As a small business owner it is more important now than ever before in regards to building a strong brand, with a great reputation for whatever you plan on selling, or providing as a service. Almost 90% of consumers shopping online are searching for reviews for a small business.

Small Business Marketing Reviews - Web Design with reviews

Why Reviews Matter in Web Design

The best web designers understand purposeful web design. If you are a small business and are using every method to convert visitors into paying customers, reviews matter. It is becoming a trend to include a few popular reviews of your product directly on the pages of your products or services can enhance your products and build trust with your new clients. 

At Garoot Marketing, we take elements from corporate giants like Amazon, ebay and walmart and combine it with small boutique shops to stand out in a growing digital world. Everyone wants to see reviews of past customers that have used your services in a specific area. Often times it could be a neighbor, a friend or a community leader that can turn visitors to new clients. If you built your website without reviews, or have no social indicators to point to real, verified reviews then you could be missing out on visitors turning into real customers.

Social Being Love Reviews

Humans are social being that want to connect with one another. We love being in our own community, and being among friends especially in Los Angeles, CA. If your product is truly unique, useful, or just different you can bet that people will start to talk about it.


When Uber came out the reviews flooded online for something wonderful. Whether you were a driver or a user, popularity sprung after famous people started using it, singing about it, and sharing it with friends. Without the option to share, or review it would never have become what it is today.

Web Designing for Small Businesses

Our web designers and digital marketing experts build websites with reviews for potential clients to see. People want to be confident that you can deliver an experience, or a product that will solve their own problems. Our web designers also use widgets from 3rd party websites like yelp, Trustpros and other networks to display existing reviews on your website.

Let us help you get started today with a free analysis of your business. At the very least, you will see how a professional sees your website.