Why Landscape Designers Need Website Too

Landscape Designers Need Websites Design Too

Landscape Designers

Los Angeles is one of the biggest cities in the world, and many homeowners are searching for landscape designers daily. Most are finding poorly made websites, while others search through unorganized and poorly displayed images of previous work. It’s been a challenge for my family to find a landscape designer, thus inspired our team to write a blog post catering directly to our landscape designers. We are here to help you.

Garoot Marketing is a Los Angeles based website design firm helping designers, builders, and storefronts build beautiful websites. Our website designers will ensure you have a beautifully built website that will transform your sales and get you in front of thousands of search results. Let us show you how.

Why Landscape Designers Need Website

A landscape designer is an artist with experience in gardening, layout design, and biology. As a landscape designer, you are familiar with the details, what compliments each plant, and what will look nice for homeowners.

To share with potential customers, you need a website that help potential customers discover what makes you different, and if you are the right landscape designer for their project. Some homeowners might be interested in a traditional lawn, and a portfolio of your work displaying custom landscape designs you created for traditional lawns will ensure they contact you above everyone else (anyone that does not have a website). A portfolio of your work online will help attract new customers searching for gardeners and landscape designers.

Here are a few more reasons why landscape designers need website

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  • Directions to your office or location

  • Easy way to provide feedback

  • See which areas you service

  • Browse your portfolio

  • Learn about the different landscape options


Choosing the Right Platform

Building a landscape design business requires a beautiful website, but which platform or even custom website do you need?

Most small to mid-size business chose Squarespace for a fluid and ease of use. The portfolio layouts are beautiful, and the responsive layouts are ideal for most homeowners.

If you are interested in starting your own line of products to possibly sell, you might consider Shopify for your platform of choice. On shopify, it is absolutely possible to build custom and unique shopping experiences for products like fertilizer if you have a special formula, new machine to make things easier, or even software for design purposes. Finally, for something simple, or share a few bits of information we recommend Wordpress. Its powerful, but rarely user friendly.

Garoot Marketing Why Us

Website designers are a dime a dozen. There are tons of options to build a website, and even more platforms to choose from. What Garoot Marketing does is guide our clients and help you make informed decisions. Furthermore, our website designers are world class, with over 15 years of website design experience. We are local in Los Angeles and work on each project in-house, no foreign subcontractors building non-secure websites. Begin today, with a free consultation for your landscape design business. Let us build your beautiful website today.