SEO in Plain English: Your Local Guide in Los Angeles

SEO in Plain English: Your Local Guide   

Garoot Marketing and our team of Search engine optimization specialists provide seo services for small businesses. In 2019, some businesses believe the industry is controlled by Google and cannot be optimized by small businesses. Here at Garoot Marketing, our Freelance web designers optimize websites to reach new audiences and get more impressions from local customers. Let us share our insight and help you get started.

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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization came from a time where the search engines did not have machine learning, the resources and technology to understand our language, our intended searches, and our goals. As search engine optimizer’s, our goals would be to ensure that Google crawl bots (scavengers of the web/information) got the right information, understood the content by incorporating keywords and providing enough valid information to be deemed authoritive to rank well on search engines.

Today, not much has changed in terms of our goals, but search engines like Google and Bing use other resources to fact check our content, ensure our work is legitimate and information is accurate. In Los Angeles, our search engine optimization team uses only responsible techniques to help search engines find your local business and ensure you are ranking well for search queries in your area.

How to rank well on Search Engine?

Building a website has never been as easy as it is today. Almost anyone can build a website, but can they build a website and have the search engines rank well in Los Angeles is the real question. Website designers and content creators help bring life to small business website.

Website Architecture

Structuring your links, your navigation bar, and how people interact with your website is a key metric for search engines. Search engines like Google and Bing use website structuring and architecture to determine how easy it is for users to navigate through your website and find relevant content for your industry. Make it easy for your users and search engines will reward you.

Optimize for Fast Loading Web Pages

There are technologies that help load your websites and web pages faster and more accurately than ever before. Technologies like AMP are open source and offer instant loading for websites. This is great for helping customers find your business where they are not on Wi-Fi or have slow internet speeds. Other optimization tips are creating images and cache images correctly so websites are not loading content again and again.

Name, Address and Phone number Accuracy

As a local business, many directories online host categories and small business are placed their for those searching to hire a local representative for a service or product. Business listings need accurate name, address and phone number to ensure that your business is valid and people can connect. Accuracy is crucial for this type of content. There should be no reason for our business name, address or phone number to be different in any shape or form.

Link Building Strategies

Still one of the most effective way to get better ranking is creating content that can be linked, offer insight, clarity, and information regarding your industry and your business. Small business with personalities can really shine here. Email marketing can help spread the word and links will naturally follow if you done the right research and provided the content in small chunks for people to consume. Garoot Marketing uses our own media outlet and social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to spread new ideas, information, and tips on why someone would hire a particular business for an industry.

Schedule a free consultation

Garoot Marketing offers freelancers available to help you get started for any website or industry. We provide free consultation, low prices and result driven marketing scheme to help you reach your goals. Schedule a free SEO consultation in Los Angeles Today. 

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