Local SEO Services

Local Search Engine Optimization is needed regardless of what your methods of marketing is in the online world. We love to compare SEO to the real world and a great example is a location with no street signs, hidden in the tall oak tree. It is nearly impossible to find by your customers, and even harder to get noticed In your community of businesses.

Garoot Marketing and our team of search engine optimization experts work within your Squarespace web design to find areas of improvement, and layout structure to help your website get organized. We provide local SEO services in San Fernando Valley, and Santa Clarita, CA. We can help you design your business to gain maximum free exposure through Google local business, yelp, and search engines.

SEO in Los Angeles, CA

What Matters In Search Engine Optimization

Their are three major off site optimization that are important for search engines to better categorize your business. Read how we can help you get traction on Google and Bing with key improvements.

Name, Phone Number and Address

Local SEO is all about what matters to your local community regarding your products and services. The three major factors to consider is your name, phone number and address all match up in all online directories across the web. Our local SEO team ensures your business information is accurate and up to date on all major directories over the web.

Verify with Google My Business

Google’s My Business is one of the best ways for local business to get seen by customers in there direct communities. Garoot Marketing ensures your information is accurate and your listing is verified and approved.

Engage Customers for Local Reviews

Customer referrals and word of mouth is one of the best forms of local marketing. Our marketing team can train you on the etiquette of asking for reviews from your customers. We help curate responses that can be generated automatically, and sent to your customers once a transaction is completed. Our local SEO Specialists understand the value of a good review, and can help you build your reputation for quality, dependability and everything good your business stands for.

Got Bad Reviews?

Our local marketing specialists can help your team address customer concerns, and bury with positive reviews and testimonials. We also work with videographers to shoot professional testimonials.