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Website Design: Starting Your Career as a Makeup Artist?

The makeup industry is one of the fastest growing industries in Los Angeles and there are a growing number of new makeup artists just starting out. As a new business, owners have tons of things to do; from keeping up with customers, designing, finding clients, and even scheduling new clients. Building a website is one of the most important marketing you can do, but very few invest in building a new website and we are here to tell you that you are missing out!


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Why Makeup Artists Need A Beautifully Designed Website?

There are six concepts business owners like makeup artists need to grasp to truly understand why you need a website. Our marketing teams are here to help you design, build, and manage your website. We are Garoot Marketing and we are Los Angeles based web design firm.

Marketing Makeup Artists with Beautiful Website

Marketing is one of the most important concepts for new business owners and makeup artists are no exception. Makeup artists need sales leads, potential customers and referrals. Building a beautiful website will help you reach potential customers searching for makeup artists in your community. A beautiful website can be where your existing clients can refer new clients, your website can be viewed on search engines for those searching for local makeup artists, and eventually paid advertising to find the right customers for you.

Showcasing Your Best Makeup Designs

There are tons of places to post your work, but nothing beats having your work displayed beautifully on your very own website. Makeup artists are creative individuals that can streamline potential client’s questions by showcasing the different makeup designs that they have done in the past. A customer asking about glittery eye shadow? You can easily reply by saying check out my website and see all the glittery eye shadows I have done in the past. Do you want to share your designs and help others to create your own designs? Post your YouTube videos on your website can drive traffic and help convert some DIYers into paid clients. Designing your website will help you generate referrals, and turn your part time gig into a full time career.


As the websites evolve, so do the ways we help customers find us over the web. Google maps and directions is one of the best ways to help your new clients find you.  Our marketing team works with our web designers to incorporate Google maps onto your website and make sure your business listing is active and generating leads on Google Maps.

Appointment Setting

Did you know that a well designed and built website can allow your clients to book appointments with you through your website? Makeup artists are turning to the web to make scheduling, booking, and cancelling appointments easier than ever before. Learn how you can book more appointments by adding services to your website.

Customer Service

Chat-bots are one of the fastest growing web 3.0 concepts that many businesses are using today. When you land on a website, a friendly chat system pops up and directs you through different options that are available to you through the chat-bot. This system can be great for customer service oriented tasks. It’s similar to scheduling an appointment but with feedback options, frequently asked questions answered and more.

Selling Your Own Products

Selling is another revenue source that most makeup artists are not taking advantage. The experts are building and designing makeup materials, but you can build your own makeup too. What better way to sell it then selling it on your custom built website.

Web Design Consultation Services Los Angeles

Hiring Garoot Marketing ensures your makeup business is front and centered when it comes to people searching for makeup artists near you.  Our web designers provide professional web design services that are affordable and competitive. We provide modern website that are secure, carefully designed to attract customers. We also provide SEO services for customers to be found organically on Google and Bing. We use small business directories to reach new audiences.  Schedule your free consultation today to learn more and get prices on your restaurant web design services.