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Are you an inspiring photographer interested in displaying your portfolio for your clients to view? Are you a photographer interested in finding new clients and attracting more business? Garoot Marketing can help you build your career in photography by building a brand around you. Our web designers are specialists when it comes to photography websites that engage users, inspire them and help you build the following you need to get gigs all over the world.

Our web designers understand several concepts that are involved when building websites in the photography and videography industry.


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Our photography Web Designers are true believers in placement and understanding of psychology. Our web designers can help you place your images carefully by creating stories with each group of images you take. Photographer websites we have been involved in are wedding photographers, engagement photographers, modeling photographers, real estate photography and landscape photographers. Each type of photography requires organization, and the right placement for customers to find your best work.

Unlimited Photos with Squarespace

One of the biggest advantages of Squarespace is unlimited amount of photographs you can display on your website when you choose to build and host your website through Squarespace. It is ideal for photographers with big beautiful images that will encourage and engage users.

With unlimited storage does not mean displaying everything you got. Building your photography website with Garoot Marketing will ensure you have a balanced website without compromising your websites speed and load time.

Web Designers for Photographers: Communication & Contact Us

Building a photographers website is like putting a puzzle together with your own design elements and web 2.0 methods for easy contact. At Garoot Marketing, we are your web designers for photography and video freelancers.

Letting the art speak for itself is the best method to use when building a freelance photography website. We rarely incorporate our specific style or taste when it comes to art that is designed to stand out all on its own. We make affordable freelance photography website that help shine light and get noticed on Google and Bing while preserving the integrity of the photographer.

Our web developers use chat systems that are available to help photographers close more leads from visitors that happen to find their artwork online. We provide 3rd party chat-bots, and secure forms for feedback, and inquire.

Photo Descriptions for Photography Websites

Since 2017, the best way for your images to be found are through Google Images and we help our photographers become superstars online. The best way for your images to show is by providing descriptions for your images. Its daunting for the artistic types, but we love sharing our experience in tagging and describing images for search engines to rank your website high.

Creating Lists is another great way for your website to rank high. We help organize, categorize and rank based off the feedback we receive from our clients. Your images can be displayed in terms of top 20 best photographs for Wedding or Top 10 Birthday Moments, both which are great content ideas for new photographers.



Our web designers and brand marketers believe in creating a strong brand for our photographers since industry is full of competition. What makes your photography stand out in your industry? Maybe you specialize in close up shot? Maybe you tell a better story in nature verses in City? Maybe you take extreme photography to a whole new level and that shows in your work. We make you shine by creating a brand around you.

Our Web Designers worked with car enthusiasts that take wonderful images of classic cars and concepts. We have built custom websites for headhunters in the modeling industry, looking for the very best.  We have even built websites for landscape artists that created custom industry for succulents and drought landscaping.

Any concept any style, we are here to help. Choose Garoot Marketing for your freelance photography web design in Los Angeles, CA.