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Real Estate Web Design - Los Angeles, CA

Did you recently pass your California Realtors licensed and are in need of marketing or building your website to showcase your brand? Garoot Marketing is all about realtors and building brand awareness for new and up and coming realtors. There are many elements that make up a good real estate brand and a well-built real estate website will help you reach your goals and attract new customers.

Garoot Marketing offers the best real estate website designers for new realtors and established real estate companies in Southern California. Our real estate web designers build custom website through Squarespace and Wordpress. More often than not, we recommend the Squarespace platform for reliability, durability, security and a more modern design. Building content, graphic design and digital marketing are just a few services we provide for our real estate clients in southern California.


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Garoot Marketing and our team of website designers can help you launch your real estate career in Southern California. Real estate is a growing industry where reputation, brand recognition, and results are the key for most successful realtors.

Our Web Designers start by building your website on one of the best platforms, Squarespace. We focus on building a consistent story around you, why you are recommended, what you have done, and why your neighbors and community should contact you when they are in need of a realtor. Our web developers build real estate commission calculators, real estate mortgage calculators specifically for your own website.

Realtors need exposure to new buyers and sellers in their respected communities and our website rank high in terms of keyword searches for realtors. Our digital brand experts understand how real estate works, and how to find clients that are in need of realtors, and homeowners that are interested in selling their homes. We use social media, and referral networks to recommend our clients when it comes to realtors. Learn more about our real estate web designers in Los Angeles.


One of the most important tools for realtors is their website and we build websites to showcase your current homes for sale, upcoming homes you are responsible for, and sold homes.  Showcasing your success stories on your website will attract new clients, while keeping your existing customers confident that you are the right realtor for their home.

Our web designers showcase homes with full gallery of images and organize it to attract the most clients. Our web designers ensure your previous clients keep generating leads for you through showcasing and exposing new clients to your sales.

Web Design Branding: Building your brand

Everyone knows that real estate industry is crowded with plenty of realtors and not enough homes and clients to purchase. One of the best ways of standing out in a crowd is to be different by creating a brand to revolve around you. You see major brands like Keller Williams, Century 21, Coldwell Banker and RE/Max selling homes consistently while others are struggling to find clients. What makes these large organizations the go to choice for homeowners interested in selling is branding.

Garoot Marketing can help you build a creative brand around you to help you find more clients with a custom tailored website. Our web designers in southern California have built multiple brands out of pure imagination, creativity, and inspiration. Our branding teams can help you build your website, and market it on social media, and search engines for exposure and growth.  Plan your real estate business with a free consultation from our web designers in Los Angeles, CA